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In order for a plaintiff to prevail on a retaliation claim the plaintiff must prove the following:

- That he or she engaged in protected expression;
- That the defendant made an employment decision adverse to him;
- A connection between the protected expression & the adverse decision;

Under the McDonnell Douglas test a plaintiff can establish a prima facie case of disparate treatment based upon intentional discrimination by showing then proving:

- That you are a member of a protected minority;
- That an adverse employment action was taken against you;
- That you qualified for the position from which you were removed;
- That you were replaced by a person outside of the protected minority;

Continued herein is a unique and practical method for vast and remarkable range of citizens and their associations to acheive equity where prohibited cost would otherwise become a factor. During my years of service with EEOC I have never viewed a publication such as "How To Take Your EEOC Charge Of Employment Discrimination Through The EEOC, Federal, Appellate And Into The Supreme Court Of The United States."

- G. Duke Beasley
Deputy Regional Director U.S. Equal Employment Commission (Georgia & Ohio)

- HOW TO UPHOLD YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS vs THE POLICE contains some of the information listed below:

In 1990 Glen Evans of Los Angeles was at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport when police dogs went crazy over his luggage. Police found & seized $64,000 in the suitcase on the gounds it was cocaine scented and they stated that they had no plans to return it, even though Mr. Evans was never arrested. DEA agents particularly those working in airports use drug dogs picking up the cocaine scent on currency as probable cause to believe the currency is derived from illegal narcotic dealing. DEA chemist Robert Arnold testified in 1990 that the majority of the currency in circulation has a certain amount
of cocaine residue on it.



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